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The ALUMNI Association of the School is called MGD GIRLS GUILD. It made a small beginning in the early Sixties at the initiative of a senior teacher of the school Miss K Minakshi It functioned spasmodically & eventually floundered , until the then Principal Miss S Doongaji encouraged the Alumni to make a serious effort to revive this institution in 1991. Her clarion call was picked up by dedicated & committed MGDians under the dynamic leadership of Jane H. Singh ( Prafulla Kumari, 1955 )
The first Executive Committee of the Guild was:-
President Mrs. G. D. Bakshi (Principal)
Vice President Jane H. Singh
Secretary Ritu Oberoi
Joint Secretary Nirmala Durlabhji
Treasurer Nisha Chatterjee
A Treasurer Benu Puri
(Incharge Directory) Maya Singh
(Events) Rajshree Saraogi

Pritam Singh

(Directory) Neeta Boochra
  Vandana Mehta
(Editor News Letter) Manindra Kapoor
The Present Executive Committee of the Guild:-
President Miss Suniti Sharma (Principal)
Vice President Jane H. Singh
Secretary Nirmala Durlabhji
Treasurer Benu Puri
Editor Chandralekha Mathur
Member Ritu Oberoi
Member Maya Singh
Member Neeta Boochra
Member Pranati Lunia
Member Lakshmi Singh
Member Maya Sharma
Member Vandana Nadgar
Member Sarandha Singh
The Constitution of the GUILD is printed in detail in the first Directory compiled in 1993 on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee. It has a comprehensive account of the aims of the GUILD & functions of the Committee Members. As Rajmata Sahiba Gayatri Deviji has written in her message, " l am happy that the School now has a complete record of all those who have studied here."
Jane H. Singh writes- " Compiling the MGD Guild Directory has been a Labour of Love & also a herculean task, only made possible by the dedication & single minded commitment of Maya Singh & Neeta Boochra has worked long hours with never a complaint or grouse. Neeta Boochra helped unceasingly -, without Nirmala Durlabhji, finding a printer would have been difficult. I must not forget Mr Gopal Lal in the back room, who detective-like ferreted details of the students from miniscule information. My very warm congratulations to all of them for a thankless task, extremely well done."

During the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in (1993-94) the GUILD played a very active role in organizing various events in collaboration with the School. Special among these were A morning at The QUIET CORNER, to pay tribute to the founder Principal Miss L.G. Lutter- followed by Sports & Games along with the School girls. Also an evening to honor the first teachers who were there; Mrs Patni , Miss Sircar, Mrs Mathur & Miss Emma. & of course Rajmata Sahiba Jaipur & Rajmata Sahiba Kotah who have been on the Board of Governors since the inception of the School & have guided & steered MGD to its present eminence. The Alumni performed along with those in School- the climax was the unforgettable rendering of "YAADEIN", a nostalgic song composed & sung by Kamla Kumari ( Kota 1950 ) in her rich melodious voice. In Aug 1992 the first issue of the News Letter GUILD TODAY was launched by Rani Vidya Devi Ji, edited by Manindra Kapoor. The layout & design of the format was done by Vinay Jain (S/O Sharda Jain ex MGDian) & Anuradha Patni (D/O Mrs. Patni). The printing was done by Jaipur Printers, who have been associated with all printing work for the school over the years. The other editors have been Rita Kuhad, Mala Pande, Rita Nayyar. The present editor is Chandralekha Mathur (1954).

Our founder Rajmata Sahiba of Jaipur attends almost all our functions, thereby by making them very special for all Guild members. Her presence is always a very strong motivating factor and source of encouragement to all. 

The DIAMOND JUBILEE held in 2003 was a grand & sparkling event. It was heartening to see the palpable ongoing bonding of those that were there before & those that are there now. The celebrations spread over four magical days were spell binding in impact. MGDians from across the state, the country & abroad converged to be a part of this land mark event. The GUILD organized a morning of dedication at the QUIET CORNER After the solemn prayer singing & floral tributes SIX saplings were planted by girls representing SIX decades. A cricket match between Gold & Diamond teams was memorable as was the exhibition of various activities and business projects of some of the Ex-MGDians. A popular stop was the Souvenir Shop that sold caps, T Shirts, mugs, photo frames with the MGD logo. The GUILD NITE at the Rambagh Convention Hall was a glittering, glamorous, evening "SPARKLES & DIAMONDS" which was a huge success - a rocking evening that brought six decades of MGD'ians & Rajmata Sahiba on the floor to sing & dance for MGD.!! A lunch at the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, "ETHNIC RAJASTHANI , as the theme was a fun morning, memorable & nostalgic & full of color of the Lehriyas and Bandhnies & Rajasthani food, brought the beautiful venue come alive. Rajmata Sahiba enthusiastic participation in all events added her HallMark touch. She launched a set of CD s & Cassettes titled 'MEHLA' a melange of Rajasthani court music produced by Vandana Singh (daughter of Veer kumari Kunadi).

From time to time the GUILD organizes other activities of common interest. A cooking demo of Salads & desserts at the Rambagh Palace Hotel. A talk by Magsaysay awardee Mrs Aruna Roy. Over the years the GUILD has also been active in doing something for the alma mater who has given them so much. The School Infirmary has been revamped & renovated. Maya Singh & Kirti Madhok took on the task of decorating & furnishing the guest rooms at the Convention Hall Complex. The GUILD also sponsors a scholarship to a deserving daughter of a Guild member, who cannot otherwise afford the school expenses. Three Medals are awarded at the Annual Prize Giving function of the School to the best Senior, Junior, & Prep student on the Principal's recommendation. The Executive Committee meets regularly, before & after each event to review & improve on it. The GUILD has a DELHI Chapter, MUMBAI Chapter, KOLKATA Chapter,‘ BANG MGD’ at BANGALORE and also USA and UK Chapters.
Now that the GUILD has evolved into a functional body & has set guidelines for ourselves - the time has come to shift our focus to other activities and tap the vast resource of talent the value based education at MGD generated in us. We are the beneficiaries of an initiative taken in 1943 that revolutionized & changed the mindset of a generation, an opportunity which gave their daughters not only a new dimension to life but also opened many doors for them. It is thus befitting that our first step towards social upliftment be for those deprived of education, a vital necessity & a primary need of the hour. The GUILD has decided to have an ongoing fund raising programme to provide financial aid to educate children with special needs, those living in slums & bustees, & those living in rural areas where educational opportunity is almost non existent.

The MGD. GIRLS' GUILD SAMITEE has been initiated to fulfil this need, Contributions to this body will be utilized for charitable work only. The Executive Committee has obtained the G-80 Tax exemption rule, after striving for several years. Our hope is that members will contribute to this fund generously & regularly, or help in any other capacity As an initial step the GUILD had organized a charity film show, proceeds of which were donated to the Lalitiya Bal Niketan, Rajmata Sahiba's initiative to educate the village children living in the Galta area. Some individual donations have also come in. Let us make this endeavor a success!

Your contribution / donation should be sent by cash / cheque / DD, drawn in favour of THE MGD GIRLS'GUILD SAMITEE, and will be deposited in the Bank of Baroda, (MGD. Branch) in the SAMITEE account.
MGD Girls’s Guild announces silver medals during the annual prize distribution day every year for the following:
Prep Section: All-rounder
Junior Section: All-rounder
Senior Section: Proficiency in Business Administration
The GUILD office is housed in the old Infirmary Cottage. After the passing away of Mr Gopal Lal last year it is now looked after by Mr Shyam Sunder Biyani wno is available on all working days between 9.00 a.m. & 2.00 p.m.
The present membership stands as follows
JAIPUR- 1125

INDIA- 523


Life Membership Fees is Rupees Five Thousand only. The form can be downloaded from the link below and should be submitted to the Guild office at the MGD campus. Click here to avail MGD Girls guild membership.
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