MGD’80th Birthday

It is indeed a matter of great pride as our dear school and alma mater
MGD celebrates its 80th birthday .
We have travelled a long road , beginning with the year 1943 , when
the foundations of the dream of our visionary founder Rajmata Gayatri
Sahiba , to educate girls and especially those living in the Purdah
system were laid , and the School started functioning from Madho
Vilas with just 24 girls . Soon in the year 1944 , it shifted to its present
building , where all of you are today .

The setting up of the School , so appropriately named after then Her
Highness Gayatri Devi Sahiba , marked a pioneering transformation in
education for girls , in Jaipur and other Princely States of then
Rajputana , beautifully blending tradition with modernity . The school
soon became known for its high standards of learning and teaching ,
personal care , boarding facilities, throughout Rajasthan , the country
and abroad . In 1950 it became the first girls Public School in India
and the only one till 1976 , a unique distinction .It has never looked
back .

Nurtured by Miss Lutter , our Founding Principal , successive
Principals , dedicated and devoted teachers and staff , many of whom
have left an indelible imprint on our minds and hearts
today it is imparting education in all fields including Humanities , Arts ,
Science , Commerce . As we all know the school also seeks to give
due place and importance to sports and games , co - curricular and
extra curricular activities for all round personality development ,
always guided by our motto Our Utmost for the Highest.

The girls who have passed out from the portals of our dear school
have achieved success in varying fields like science , medicine ,
engineering , journalism , creative and literary writing , history and
archeology , administration , business and entrepreneurship, sports
and games , music and dance and above all contributed immensely
to building better homes , happy families and a forward looking
balanced society . Our Chief Guest for today , Apra is herself an
example . I hope that one day and it is my dream that an MGDian will
also set foot on the moon .

The MGD Girls Guild , which endeavours to have all former MGDians
on board, now has more than ------- active members .It is active on
Facebook and now brings out its Newsletter regularly . Soon in
December this year we will have a combined Reunion of 12 batches of
those who have completed their Golden , Silver and Ruby Jubilees in

the year 2020, 2021, 2022 ( these three being Covid casualty ) and
2023 .

On behalf of the MGD girls Guild and my own behalf I extend my
warm wishes to the Principal , teachers, staff and all the present
students , who have assembled here to mark and celebrate the
Schools 80th birthday ,an important milestone

Thank you all



1. Fond birthday wishes for our dearest Alma Mater
Four score and going stronger than ever before… Happy birthday to our
beloved MGD school on your eightieth birthday from your devoted
batch of 1972!

Fifty-one years have rolled by since we left the school! And it seems like
only yesterday… when we were carefree happy school girls, the
unforgettable memories of our Alma Mater and of all those who made it
so special, deeply etched in our hearts and minds to this day.

You gave us more than we could dream of. You shaped us into the
women we are today. You gave us the courage to forge ahead, you were
the wind beneath our wings and for this and so much more, we say with
pride… We are MGDians!

Long live MGD !!
From the batch of 1972

2. MGD…our Alma Mater… the name brings a sparkle to our eyes and a
glow on our face.

A certain pride and a heart filled with gratitude.
When we speak of MGD… memories of our Rajmata, Miss Lutter, Miss
Doongaji, the teachers, the friends, the staff and of course the grand
buildings and lawns come to us like it was just yesterday.

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”, - quote by
Charles Bukowski, that’s what MGD taught us… not just how well, but
with utmost grace and dignity too.

After 40 years of passing out, we are eagerly waiting to come to school
in December, to be part of the 80 th birthday celebration of our dear
A very happy birthday to MGD and to all of us!!Thank you

From the batch of 1983

3. Happy 80th birthday, dear MGD! It brings me immense joy to
celebrate this significant milestone with you. As I reflect on the past
years, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible experiences and
opportunities you have provided me. You have been the foundation of
my growth, shaping me into the person I am today. MGD, you have
been more than just a school to me. You have been my second home, a
place where I have discovered my passions, built lasting friendships, and
received an education that extends far beyond textbooks. From the
classroom to the sports field, from the stage to the community, you have
nurtured and guided me every step of the way.

Being the head girl of MGD has been an honor and a privilege. The
responsibility has taught me invaluable lessons in leadership, empathy,
and resilience. It is my earnest desire that together, we can continue to
uphold the values and traditions that make MGD exceptional. Let us
strive to raise the MGD flag higher, setting new benchmarks and
embracing excellence in all our endeavors.

Today, as we commemorate your 80th birthday, let us cherish the
memories we have created, the bonds we have formed, and the
knowledge we have gained. MGD, you have given us the wings to soar,
and it is our duty to make the most of these opportunities, reaching for
the highest goals, and making a positive impact on the world.

Happy birthday, MGD! Here's to many more years of inspiration,
growth, and success. May your legacy continue to shine brightly, forever
empowering young minds to achieve their utmost for the highest.


4. Dear MGD,
Here’s wishing you the happiest of birthday!!

It’s hard to believe that you’re 80 years old since you are such a timeless
beauty holding so many memories in the branches of your trees in the
hockey field and the stairs behind the needle work room and computer

There isn’t a day that goes by without me reminiscing my “virtual
memories”. Each time I scroll through the photos on my phone of my time here, my
face is automatically graced with a smile.

All my actions are always a reflection of what it takes to be an MGDian
and that is something I will always cherish and carry with me.
Happy birthday MGD,

Keep lighting up the faces of young girls with the brightest of smiles.’
Ridhima Magon
(Head Girl

5. Wishing my beloved school a very happy birthday.
I’m honoured to be a pupil of MGD Girls’ school, an institution that has
been the centre of education and heritage.
I wish to see the school reach new heights, like it always has and may
the name of my alma mater always be written in golden words.
Thanks to the efforts of countless students, teachers, administrative staff
and principals, the institution has always lived up to its motto, and may
always stay that way
Happy birthday once again

Tanishka Jain
Student of batch 2022-23


MGD at Eighty !!

Our dear MGD is now Eighty
Our school of joy and gaiety
She sparkles and she shines
And we're the batch of Nineteen Sixty Nine !!

She taught us to be true and kind
To be sound of body .and of mind
To differentiate right from wrong
To be brave and to be strong

Though we stumbled in those growing years
We were shown to overcome our  fears
Our courage stood us in good stead
With confidence we surged ahead

We learnt that failure and success
Are two sides of a coin
We learnt to face the turns of tides
And broken hearts to join

We found our precious childhood friends
Who've  bonded over the years
Who've shared our heartburns and delights
Our ecstacies and tears

God Bless dear MGD ..Eighty now
May she blossom bright and grow
She lingers deep within our hearts
Though years between have flown

What we've grown up to be today
Started in those days divine
Our dear Alma Mater   we love you so
And we're the batch of Nineteen Sixty Nine!!!

From the batch of 1969


Guild News letter May 2023


Guild News letter 

May 2023


MAY 2023

MGD @ 80

Penny Thoughts

The much awaited year is well underway. The Time Machine is ticking and winter has given way to spring and now we are truly in the grip of summer. Heat Waves hitting us are taking their toll with increasing intensity and with it the ominous threat of the dreaded pandemic returning. The menacing virus has mutated manifold and its variants rearing their ugly tentacles surely and certainly. With elections acquiring war like proportions and road shows big tamashas of teeming hordes and the newest UN report of our great country well on the way to becoming the world's most populated nation (another FIRST TIME) social distancing has become a big challenge, even as our popular netas vigorously wave to the thronging audience. Keeping our fingers crossed it abates fast and does not dampen our rising spirits and fever pitch excitement for the grand celebrations scheduled to take place later this year.

 This year the winds of change sweeping across our country, ostensibly towards building a New India, in its 75th year of Independence from foreign dominance, are bringing in a lot of drastic measures. This is impacting our Secondary Education System majorly. 

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution will not find a place in the new text books; how did the human race evolve…. Was there a process of evolution ?o much else has been expunged. 

Students in future will perhaps not be able to give coherent answers to questions like, who did the much venerated Maharana Pratap of Mewar, and the great warrior Maratha ruler Shivaji  Maharaj fight against?? What is their claim to glory? Imagine studying Indian History sans the Mughal era. Is the much written about India's Freedom Struggle a figment of the imagination?? Who were the freedom fighters up against.?? 

This chop and change policy of the NCERT Educationists is mind boggling and defies logic. Or do we accept it as “ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die”as Tennyson wrote in Charge of the Light Brigade!! 

On a positive note let us laud and congratulate the School for the multifarious activities that have been arranged and participated in with so much credit. Encouragement and guidance from the Principal and the teaching staff is, indeed, very commendable and admirable

Chandralekha  Mathur.

(Nee Sahai -1954 Batch)





The countdown has begin for MGD’S 80th Anniversary. Many events are being organised around the year by the school. Guild members are welcome to join in.

Annual Events :

(1) Guild AGM -Friday 22nd  Sept.

The guest speaker is Doctor Sangeeta Thakurani (Batch1998) She is a senior plastic and cosmetic surgeon. She acquired her Master in general surgery from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences. She did her super specialization in plastic and cosmetic surgery from PGIMER Chandigarh. At age 30 she became plastic surgeon. She is now working as a professor in SMS Medical College and Hospitals. She also has her own clinic. She has many research Publications in Indian and International journals

(2) Guild Dance Fest - This event is organised for classes IX, X, XI, XII Std. The evening is followed by dinner.

(3) School Annual day function is on 15th Dec.


16th Dec. Felicitation of the reunion batches, presentation of gift to them by the school. This year each batch will be performing ghoomar dance which is then followed by dinner in the school.

17th Dec.

Morning : Down memory Lane, visit the school & hostel.

Afternoon : Guild Exhibition Polo match at Rambagh Polo grounds.

Evening :Guild social get together at Rambagh Palace Hotel.

Other events will be conveyed to all vide Email, Facebook & Guild website.

Looking forward to the entire MGD fraternity to participate in the ongoing 80th anniversary celebration. 

With best wishes.

 Jane H Singh (Batch 1955)

 President MGD Girls’ Guild




Annual Function 2023

MGD Girls' School, Jaipur organised the Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony on 25th January, 2023 to commemorate and celebrate the achievements of the session 2021-2022. Ms Manju Sharma, Managing Director and Co- Chairperson of EHCC Hospital Jaipur, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The programme commenced with a tribute to our founder, Rajmata Gayatri Devi, to seek her blessings. A melodious Orchestra Performance by the students left the audience spellbound.

Madam Principal presented the Annual Report for the session 2022-23, documenting the activities and achievements by the School during the year.

This was followed by the Prize distribution ceremony by the Chief Guest, Ms Manju Sharma.

Her Highness Rajmata of Jaipur Shield for Best House was awarded to Helen Keller House.

The celebrations continued with the Cultural Programme- 'Natya Veda' consisting of synchronous music, dance, kavya goshti and the English Drama, Princess of Athens.

The Annual Day ceremony was attended by Maharaj Jai Singh Ji, Chairperson MGD Girls' School, Mrs Jane Himmeth Singh ji, Mrs Nirmala Durlabhji, Mrs Meenakshi Hooja, Kuwar Ajay Singh Ji, Kuwarani Ambika Singh, Col. S S Sangwan, Col. S S Mankotia, and other distinguished guests.

Passing Out Ceremony

MGD Girls' School organised the Passing Out Ceremony for the batch of 2023 on 10th February.

The Ceremony began with the formal welcome of our Chief guest for the day- Dr. Vinita Ashit Jain.  An Alumna of MGD, a nature lover, an avid reader, a music enthusiast, Dr. Vinita writes both in English and Hindi. Her first book of Hindi poetry has received a lot of appreciation. 

All the students were honoured with the mementos, Bhagwad Gita and badges. As the citations were read by the class teachers the students placed diyas at the border of the Rangoli.

'Aashirvachanam' was recited by Dr. Seema Sharma in Sanskrit and in English by Madam Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia. After each vachan the students together pledged 'I promise'.

The Head girl's mother Mrs Meenakshi Terapanthi addressed the gathering with her inspiring words, after which Nandini Terapanthi, the Head girl signed off with her last speech.

The  Ceremony came to an end with the Chief guest's eloquent and inspiring address.

The Great MGD Run

MGD Girls' School, Jaipur organised the Great MGD Run on 29 January 2023 to begin the celebrations of the 80th year of the school. 



The event witnessed the zealous participation of around 2000 students from classes 1 to 12, teachers, staff, parents, ex-mgdians and MGD Guild Members. The event comprised a marathon and duathlon to take place at locations scheduled across Jaipur, along with the facilities of food/beverages stalls in the school post the marathon.

 The run was flagged off by Mr. Hemant Priyadarshi, Additional Director General of Police Anti-Corruption Bureau. The verve and vigour in the atmosphere were evident as the participants participated with full zeal and zest to live up to the words of Madam Principal.

The Great MGD Run also brought into the limelight the “ploggers” who worked assiduously for the cleanliness of our city by collecting litter throughout the marathon. 

Aparna Khurana nee Sengar 

Batch of 1997



This is Julekha (Julie) Sen. Batch of 1950


It was the year 1944. Maharani Gayatri Devi School had shifted recently to its new Venue. I Joined MGD soon thereafter in Standard 4, where our class strength was only four. My previous school was Loretto Calcutta and being a Bengali had no Knowledge of Hindi where most of the girls spoke Hindi or their local dialect which was Greek to me! During the course of time I got involved in all kinds of school activities be it Sports, Music, Dance, Plays and Arts, and very soon became an all rounder and I got the prestigious All rounder Medal, and many other medals.

Our class subjects were English, Mathematics, Hindi, Geography, History, Arts and Home Science.

We had such wonderful teachers, very caring and extremely understanding. I still remember them, Miss Minakshi teaching us all about geography of Earth and the Planets, with Miss Sarkar teaching us History of India and the world. Miss Rastogi who made me improve on Hindi, my weakest subject then, but gradually thanks to her encouragement my Hindi improved drastically.  Then there was Mrs. Patni for Maths- another weak subject of mine and once again through her  encouragement my maths too improved over the years. And then of course was Miss Lutter, our Principal. She was a real mentor to all of us in school. She was the one who moulded each and every one of us to what we are today. How could we ever forget Miss Emma who took care of us with healthy good nutritious food and with lots of love and affection?

From time to time we had many dignitaries including foreigners visiting our School and Maharani Sahiba was always there escorting them.

Once we had a band with a band master. He played in our School courtyard for many a days.

I remember one of the years we had Saraswati Puja in our school and I was asked to do the Alpona. Maharani Gayatri Deviji was very pleased and praised me personally.

In course of time our School started all types of Sports and Games like Badminton, Tennis, Swimming, Hockey and playing games was our regular activity. We also had horse riding that time and I too learned horse riding then. Girl guides was introduced with Miss Lutter at the helm.

Ours was the Blue House. I went from Prefect to House Captain. Those days we would go to School in a Bus with Purdah on the Windows.

I recall once Miss Lutter took some of us to Ranikhet on an excursion. We stayed at YMCA, and all day was spent on sightseeing and evenings was of course study time with Miss Lutter guiding us in English Language.

I recall when the Selection for Head Girl was on and how lucky I was to be selected for that Position.  Soon after that, Project “School Council” came up when Miss Lutter wanted me as the Vice President with her being the President. That is when the post of Head Girl was handed over to very capable hands of Veer Kunadi.

Once I remember very fondly after my marriage I had gone over to Jaipur and stayed with Miss Lutter and spent some very enjoyable time with her and with Miss Emma. During my stay one evening I had gone out for Dinner and on returning back found a glass of Milk and some biscuits on the bed side table, which really brought tears to my eyes. And that was Miss Emma, so caring and loving. 

MGD to me was a Temple of learning- making a complete person of me.  

After School 

a) I represented Rajasthan in Badminton doubles and got to runners up.

b) I travelled around Europe, America & London extensively with Uday Shankar's dance group.

c) I lost my husband early in life and thereafter went to United States again and took up training in Aesthetics – Cosmetology from various institutions. Started taking up teaching assignments for young ladies in the same trade and profession on my return from United States.

d) Later Saturday Club gave me an Opening and I started with “Julies Aesthetics Beauty Clinic and Bridal Salon.” from there. Today it is nearly 38 years and I am still continuing in this trade. And it is all due to passing out from MGD which provided me the Courage and Confidence that I received during my growing up years.

Thank you MGD.



One day I was traveling from Bharatpur to Jaipur and stopped midway at Dausa Dak Bungalow for a midway break. I was carrying my sandwiches, but all of a sudden wanted to eat an apple. This was even more surprising as I am not a pucca fruit eater. So I went out to see how I can get and buy some apples. 

Suddenly, as I came out I saw two Brahma Kumari ladies, whom I recognised as I had known them earlier in Sirohi and Mount Abu. They greeted me and then offered prasad, which for the life of me I could not believe, consisted of homemade mithai and Apples! Wonder of wonders I thanked them profusely and told them how they had met my sudden and unexpected desire for apples. It felt like a divine moment. 

A few years ago, we, in a study group, were travelling from Ullapool to Stornoway in a ferry on the way to Isle of Lewis in Scotland, UK. It was quite a stable journey and I did not feel any of the giddiness normally associated with sea travel. However I felt like having a dosa and sambhar. I said to myself that obviously I could not get it here and reconciled to it. But when the food was laid out in the buffet, lo and behold there was red lentil soup, baked potatoes and rice included in the lunch menu. Very tastefully made, it was a perfect substitute for dosa and sambhar and satisfied the sudden inner culinary craving and need. What a joy it was, that I remember it even now after so many years and which made my sea journey a memorable one. 

Once, on a Festival day almost all staff were on leave. While one looked forward to this celebration, the thought of all the cooking and cleaning was a daunting one. The bell rang and most surprisingly it was one of our old staff members, who had come back after some months from the village. To a query by me, he replied that he would be glad to be taken on work again right from the very moment. It was a matter of sheer thrill. Now our festival would be so much more easier and jubilant as he was familiar with the work and the household. I could not have asked for more!

More recently, a call came on my mobile. It was from an unknown number but as a matter of habit I answer all calls known or unknown and do not use the Truecaller app. In fact it turned out to be a call from a Govt Institution asking me to come there for a week for a lecture series, with travel and board and lodge all paid for by them. This telephonic conversation boosted my energy levels and excitement and reconfirmed my faith in answering calls from unknown numbers. The trip also turned out to be a memorable one and I could also see a new place. 

This is just to say and realize how a shower of unexpected bounty brings in great moments of joy and cheer , to always cherish and remember. 

Meenakshi Hooja nee Mathur 

1968 batch.





Mrs Brijpal Aneja, our beloved dance teacher and an integral part of our Re unions, sadly passed away on 16th February 2023. 

Mrs. Aneja's passing away is like losing a family member. Yes she was very much part of MGD Family. Very pleasing personality, she endeared herself to everyone. Her dance classes will be remembered by one & all. She was a star of our reunions, who brought in so much enthusiasm, joy & love and we will miss her lively self dearly. She will always live in our hearts. 

Sharing some of the tributes:

Mrs Brijpal Aneja, our Iconic Dance Teacher at MGD. 


She joined MGD when I was in my final year 1955. She was a couple of years older than us, the final year students. Miss Lata Gupta had retired and Miss Brijpal came in as a young, fresh, enthusiastic & innovative dance teacher. We tested her like we do to all new teachers, but she took all our pranks in her stride! We loved her classes from the word go. 

Later she, as a part of the MGD teachers faculty, attended my wedding in 1960. She is in my wedding photographs. 

Then I lost contact with her as I traversed the globe with my husband who was serving in the Army. 

Then at our school's Golden jubilee celebration we met up again, now as friends. She was center stage with all the dance events performed by the Guild.

She was a star at our reunions. She brought in so much joy & love. I was hoping she would be with us at this 80th Anniversary celebrations of the School, but almighty willed it otherwise. 

Earlier, on the passing away of her brother, she took charge of the family business of Musical instruments at Dehradun. 

She wished to donate some musical instruments to MGD, her second home. School was unable to collect them due to various reasons. 

I had been constantly in touch with her. I spoke with her about a couple of weeks ago when she was in Dehradun, not feeling too good. Later spoke with Chunnu & was told she had moved to Delhi with her. I wasn't able to speak with her as her health had further deteriorated.

Few days later she was no more. Her loss has been felt by one & all MGDians. 

You will always be with us in spirit dear Mrs Aneja. 

We will celebrate you at all our reunions. 

Farewell dear friend! 

Jane H Singh (Batch 1955)


Miss Aneja, as I will always remember her, was such an important part of our schooling in MGD. Her energy and creativity and multi cultural innovation in performance was unparalleled. Her dance classes were enjoyable, refreshing and memorable making every student a performer! Miss Brijpal's stamina was awe inspiring. As we witnessed at our 50th reunion in 2019 she out did any one of us on the dance floor!  We were very blessed to have a person like her as a teacher in our lives.

Many of us use her dance moves even today when we dance. Our children would do the same moves making her dance live on for many generations. 

Her life was well lived as she gave so much to one and all. 

May her soul attain Sadgati. 

Vandana Singh Nadgar  

Batch of 1969


"The passing of Mrs Aneja, draws a curtain over a part of our lives too. Hers was perhaps the most felt presence in school & even afterwards. With her name we can only associate joy, music, rhythm, dance, loads of fun & festivities. In fact even after retirement, she helped Ex MGDians of various batches prepare their dances for the alumni functions. She always laughed while teaching. Was so graceful. 

I was in touch with her for several years. She lived a full life. She will always be remembered with love and respect. She will liven up the heavens with her dance and infectious smile. Happy dancing Mrs Aneja." 

Sunita Bainsla Batch of 1982

Really sad to know about Mrs Aneja who left for her heavenly abode. Still remember the first day I met her in the dance room. Personality that lighted the room ...mentor, guide, teacher at heart. 

Met her in Dehradun in October of 2022. Full of life and plans to move to Jaipur to be close to MGD where her heart always belonged. We both talked for hours about fond memories of MGD. She shared the day when she joined MGD at the age of 18. 

You will be missed dearly by all your students, colleagues and those who knew you. My shradhanjali?????

Toes tapped  so lightly,

Smiling big and brightly sweetly to the sound

Full of grace, never haste....

Filling perfectly my costume of  lace

Ever so sweet, my dancing feet

My toes tired....

And my knees, grown  weak

But I'll never stop dancing…

Step after step, I repeat and repeat.

Pushing harder and harder to reach my goal

It's what I lived for, dance is my soul.

--- words inspired from Miranda Snow

Mrs Varinder Kaur Sehmbey

Bharatanatyam Dance teacher in MGDfor six years

Our heartfelt condolences to her daughtersSimran Aneja batch of 1985

Nandita Nuhan(Tribhuvan) batch of 1986. 

May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss. 

We pray for the soul to attain Sadgati.



The MGD Days

M.G.D ....An institution, a name , an identity and for all of us who have passed through its portals, these three letters of the alphabet unlock a storehouse of beautiful memories...

Beginning 1964, wherein K.G was pure bliss with the thrill of our afternoon nap time post the lunch break, and with many more such joys we moved up the ladder of classrooms and classes up to I.S.C 1975, under a host of wonderful teachers, Miss Cherian,Mrs. J.Singh, Miss Farooqui, Mrs. Mukherjee, Mrs. Woods, Miss. Mathew, Miss. S. Mehta, Miss Nanda, Mrs. Ranka, Mrs. Awasthi , Mrs. Mathur, Miss Menon, Miss Gupta, Mrs. Mathews,  Miss Minakshi , Mrs. Patni, Miss Das, Mrs. Aneja, Miss Sircar, Miss Laxmi Singh  - to name just a few, all working in tandem with our dear Miss Lutter, who with watchful , twinkling eyes and gentle yet firm guidance held it all together and how !!!!!!!!!

   Joyous laughter and innocent giggles ringing through the Rose Garden evolved and transformed us into confident, clear headed teenagers who could hold their head high and stand their ground ingrained with ''Our Utmost for the Highest '' !

   Those precious years lay the foundation of beautiful friendships and form an enriched, enchanting collage that shows up the School Assembly, the School Fete, the Four Houses, the various competitions, our Sports Day, the Annual Prize Giving Day, the School Band, all of which I was lucky to have somehow participated in or was involved with -  A kaleidoscope that was renewed and reinforced with my daughter Gauri joining the league and together we could say .. ' Hip Hip Hurray'  and together we can sing ..................

     "Stand and shout in cheer once again,

       Let every M.G.Dian sing ............''

Nita Kackar Khanna (Batch of 1975)


MGD is a culture, MGD is a religion, MGD is a belief ! I am sure most of us MGDians feel this way as we have lived it! It really matters where and how you grow up. Along with the family culture and values that you are born into, it is the school that makes you into the human being you grow up to become. I precisely remember all my teachers who have contributed towards shaping me up into the individual I have become today. All my Math teachers, science teachers, Hindi and English teachers who taught me for the 12 years at MGD, each one went above and beyond in preparing me to achieve greater heights in life. Mrs. Srinivasan is one particular teacher I would always be thankful to for her contribution towards honing and polishing my English language. To summarize, MGD is also a lifestyle, MGD is also a statement! MGD prepared me to face ANY and EVERY challenge in life - personal and professional. It gave me the wings to soar high in the sky and take that plunge into the unknown, without being perturbed about the result. Thank you MGD!

Shilpi Agarwal  

Batch of 1998


What does MGD mean to me?' It's de ja vou time!

A class fourth Vama, mesmerized with the maroon dupattas, huge old main building and lush green hockey field talked about the grandeur and legacy of MGD in her extempore topic. But today the spirit of MGD is alive in me because of the values that I uphold. 

I appreciate school for everything it offered but I am the most delighted with my association, because someone said ' MGD is a school where you are not judged by the size of your car'. I learnt being a better human in MGD through Hanuman ji's smile, Ms. Suniti's wisdom, Col. Sangwan's energy, and Sanchi jija's charisma. I vividly remember Jane jija picking up ice-cream wrappers in the school campus and saying “it's my school if I will not clean it who will”, that's how dear MGD is to MGDians. And hence today MGD to me is all the inspirational MGDians, I came across in twelve years of my school life.

Thank you,

Vama Singh Shekhawat

Batch of 2019


Ghazal Qadri, Batch of 2013


Kalinika Kumari Makrana batch 1999(Grand daughter of Ms Lalit Kumari Raghogargh batch of 1955) on her wedding with Lavi Mutha, on 21st Feb 2023.

Neha Surana Dhadda batch of 1999 on becoming Chairperson FICCI FLO Jaipur 2023-24.

Saloni Lalwani Patni Batch of 1989 on the marriage of her daughter Sonakshi to Yash on 23rd March 2023

Poonam Rathore Chauhan batch of 1987 on the marriage of her daughter Shivika to Ritubhan on 24th February 2023.

Rani Bansal Gupta batch of 1983 on the marriage of her daughter Ananya to Raghav on 22nd February 2023

Renu Sharma batch of 1983 on the marriage of her son Abhinav to SugandhaOn 3rd November 2022

Archana Singh (Candy Singh) batch of 1980 on the marriage of her son Kr Devvrat Singh Rathore to Dr Reeya Singh on 22nd February 2023.

Ritu Mahendra batch of 1983 Who is blessed with a grand son on 24th December 2022

Snigdha Golecha Parakh Batch of 1980 on the birth of a grand daughter Adira on 25th January 2023.

Neha Bhatia batch of 2003 Design Innovation award 2019 For her contribution to the development of Kundan jadau Meenakari awarded by Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India.

Dr Sheenu Jhawar batch of 1990 for becoming the first Woman President of TIE Rajasthan.

Dr Ankita Chandak for being awarded “Young Paediatric Dentist of the Year”

Aarushi Narwani batch of 2016 for being a Topper of NEET. PG 2023

Tee foundations Women Achiever Awards 2023to Sunita Khawad Shah batch of 1983 for recieving an award for social services on Women's Day.

Nikita Nemani Mansinghka batch of 1972 for receiving an award from Tee Foundations Women Achiever Awards 2023 on Women's Day.

Principal Mrs Archana Mankotia and Colonel Sangram Singh Mankotiaon the birth of a grand daughter born on 4th May 2023 to Devika and Abhishek.




Anjum Chaturvedi batch of 1983 on the passing away of her mother Smt Shakuntla Kumar on 16th March 2023. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ

Sunita Surana Chhajlani Batch of 1983 on the passing away of her mother, Smt Amar Kumari Surana on 14th March 2023. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ

Rawat family on the passing away of Smt Madhuri Devi Rawat on 3rd March 2023.

Daughter Sandhya Gupta batch of 1975, Niece Usha Khandelwal batch of 1972 Grand daughters, Ruchi Gupta - 1990, Priti Sabu - 1992, Trisha Dangayach, Shefali Agarwal -2002, Saloni Gotawala-2004, Chandni Aggarwal - 2008. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ

Mrs Suniti Sharma former principal MGD School on the passing away of her mother on 5th February 2023. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ


Nalini Mehta batch of 1961 on the sad demise of her husband Shri C S Mehta on 27th January 2023 and to daughters Gitanjali Mehta Jain batch of 1985 Priyanjali Mehta Sarraf batch of 1989 and to sister in laws

Vanmala Mehta batch of 1958 Nisha jyoti mehta Bahadur batch of 1973. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ

Anita Barjatya Vijayvargia 1985 Vinita Barjatya chhabra -1988 On the passing away of their mother Smt Mahima Barjatya on 25th January 2023.  May the departed soul attain sadgati.ॐशान्तिॐ

Pratibha Kumari (Pattu) batch 1960& her family on the passing away of her husband Prabhakar Singh on 8 January 2023. May the departed soul attain sadgati ॐशान्तिॐ

Shivina Kumari and Rupina SinghOn the passing away of their father Dr. Shivraj Singh(husband of late Manju Kumari Singh) who passed away on 13th December 2022.May the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्तिॐ




Chandralekha Mathur 

(Sahai, 1954) 

Chief Editor

Editors :

Meenakshi Hooja (Mathur, 1968)


Pranati Lunia (Golecha, 1972)

Aparna Khurana (1997)

Ankur Jaipuria (1992)


MGD Girls Guild, 

MGD Girls School,

Sawai Ram Singh Road, 

Jaipur 302001

Tel: 8905181885






CONDOLENCES to Mrs Brijpal Aneja, our Iconic Dance Teacher at MGD .

 Mrs Brijpal Aneja, our Iconic Dance Teacher at MGD .
She joined MGD when I was in my final year 1955. She was a couple of years older then us the final year students . Miss Lata Gupta had retired , she came in as a  young , fresh, enthusiastic & innovative dance teacher. We tested her like we do to all new teachers , but she took all our pranks in her stride ! We loved her classes from the word go.
Later she as a part of MGD teachers faculty attended my wedding in 1960 . She is in my wedding photographs.
Then I lost contact with the her as I traversed the globe with my husband who was serving in the Army .
Then at our school’s Golden jubilee celebration we met up again, now as friends. She was centre stage with all the dance events performed by the Guild.
She was a star at our reunions. She brought in so much joy & love . I was hoping she would be with us at this 80th Anniversary celebrations of the School, but almighty willed it otherwise.
Earlier on passing away of her brother , she took charge of the family business of Musical instruments at Dehradun .
She wished to donate some musical instruments to MGD , her second home . School was unable to collect them due to various reasons.
I have been Constantly in touch her .I spoke with her about a couple of weeks ago when she was in Deheradun, not feeling too good. Later spoke with Chunnu & was told she had moved to Delhi with her. I wasn’t able to speak with her as her health had further deteriorated.
Few days later she was no more .
Her loss has been felt by one & all MGDians .
You will always be with us in spirit dear Mrs Aneja .
We will celebrate you at all our reunions .
Farewell dear friend !
Jane H Singh
( batch 1955 )

Miss Aneja, as I will always remember her was such an important part of our schooling in MGD. Her energy and creativity and multi cultural innovation in performance was unparalleled. Her dance classes were enjoyable refreshing and memorable  making every student a performer! Miss Brijpal's stamina was awe inspiring. As we witnessed at our 50th reunion in 2019 she out did any one of us on the dance floor!  After her musical brother expired, she took over the renowned family business where the who's who came to buy the best. We were very blessed to have a person like her as a teacher in our lives.
Many of us use her dance moves even today when we dance. Our children would do the same moves making her dance live on for many generations.
Her life was well lived as she gave so much to one and all.
May her soul attain Sadhgati.

Vandana Singh Nadgar
( batch 1969)
The passing of Mrs Aneja , draws a curtain over a part of our lives too. Her’s was perhaps the most felt presence in school & even afterwards. With her name we can only associate joy , music , rhythm , dance , loads of fun & festivities.  Over the years , she taught dance to several thousands perhaps lakhs of students and prepared thousands for formal dance progs . In fact even after retirement , she helped exmgdians of various batches prepare their dances for the alumni functions.  She always laughed while teaching. Was so graceful .
I was in touch with her for several years .. after school. Visited her in Dehradun where she stayed with her brother who taught  music in Doon school.  Post retirement she would ocassionaly teach dance at Doon and other schools.  
She lived a full life.  She will always be remembered with love and respect . She will liven up the heavens with her dance and infectious smile.  Happy dancing Mrs Aneja.  

Sunita Bainsla ( batch 1982)


Guild News letter of January 2023


Guild News letter 

January 2023




MGD @ 80

Once again it’s that time of the year that brings a new beginning, a new dawn, a new perspective, a time to celebrate with your family and friends, a new resolve to look ahead to a year of happiness and cheer. On behalf of the MGD Girls Guild Executive Committee I wish you all a very happy, healthy & safe 2023.


Eighty years!!! In the life span of an individual, an octageranian it heralds a phase that brings added privileges of more respect, more care, more concern. Especially if you wear a head full of silver hair and walk with an elegant walking stick for support!! Eye sympathy and an instant extend of hands to guide you to a comfortable chair, in a gathering you are very likely to be the oldest person. I speak from experience. What you say is heeded and taken note of and I love it. In respect to an Institution it speaks of prestige, renown and a history to laud and praise. It’s name and fame spread even further, as it’s alumni bring more glory by their varied achievements and success stories holding the School flag high and flying. The prizes and commendations the present students win in the multiple competitions they participate adds to a glorious record.


Today our beloved alma mater stands on this high pedestal. Let us celebrate the hall mark year with elan and true MGDian spirit and style.


Stay Positive, test Negative!! This oxymoronic statement can be achieved in these Corona Times!!


Chandralekha Mathur.

( Nee Sahai -1954 Batch)




The Guild is an umbilical cord that keeps the Alumni connected to the school and each other. It was revived during the Golden Jubilee of the school.

The Executive Committee consists of twelve diligent and dedicated volunteer Alumni. The Principal is De Facto advisor to the Committee. The membership as of now is mandatory, as the funds collected go towards replenishing the corpus. With the interest of the corpus we have been able to achieve the following. Creating and maintaining our Website, Face book, News letter, manufacturing Souvenirs. Creating and time to time updating Guild Digital Directory, published a coffee table book based on the History of MGD, produced a documentary on our founder Rajmata Saheb, the lives that she touched and transformed.

Guild has initiated three Annual Silver medals for student achievers in business studies. It also supports “Umang” – a school for differently abled children, and is now supporting the education of two girls of our staff.

Guild organizes a very popular Annual Dance Nite for the present senior students.

Ongoing expenses are towards the salary of our staff and day to day office expenses.

This year 2023, we are planning a mega reunion of the following batches

2020 - Silver 1995, Ruby 1980, Gold 1970

2021 - Silver 1996, Ruby 1981, Gold 1971

2022 - Silver 1997, Ruby 1982, Gold 1972  &

2023 - Silver 1998, Ruby 1983, Gold 1973.

They have got clubbed due to the covid pandemic but will now be a part of our school’s 80th Anniversary celebrations.

With all good wishes

Jane H.Singh (Batch 1955)


MGD Girls’ Guild



IPSC Service Project 

MGD Girls' School hosted the "Parmartham"- IPSC Service Project from 2nd to 5th November 2022 under the guidance of Maharaja Jai Singh, Chairperson, MGD Girls' School Jaipur.

The four days project, in collaboration with NGOs, was attended by 11 guest IPSC teams and the host team.

The on-campus and off-campus activities were planned around pillars like- Service to Humanity, Service to Nature, Leadership, Nishtha and Sankalp.

In the Closing ceremony, the school presented a cheque to the blind school. The gathering was then addressed by Mr JN Bhargava and Ms Anna. Lastly, all the participants received their certificates from the Principal ma'am and the guests


Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur hosted the first edition of 'Vidyaanjali', the annual Inter-school Liberal Arts cum Literary Fest in memory of our former Chairperson Rani Vidya Devi.

A variety of Performing and Liberal Arts events were:organised like Ramayana Role Play, Fairy Tale Recreation, E-Logo Designing, Board Game Designing, Radio Jockey Competition, Warli Art, Imaginative Composition Making and Hair and Makeup Styling.

.MGD Girls' School were declared the winner of Vidyaanjali 2022, however, the running trophy was passed on to the Runnerup Jayshree Periwal High School as part of school traditions.




MGD Girls' School, Jaipur hosted the IPSC hockey (U-19) tournament from 27th to 30th September 2022 with nine participating schools. 

The most thrilling and exciting final match between MNSS RAI and RKC RAIPUR filled the atmosphere with exuberance. 

RKC RAIPUR won the match after free penalty strokes and took home the trophy.



On 15th of September the Hockey Field of MGD Girls' School was the venue for the 'MGD Guild Dance Fest' hosted by MGD Girls' Guild which is an annual opportunity for students from classes 9 to 12 to interact and enjoy with the Guild members. The event started at 6:00 and ended at 10:00.  There was a dance competition between all the batches and class 12 was declared the winner for the same. The first 3 positions received momentoes sponsored by our beloved Nirmala jija. The area was jam packed with around 800 beautifully dressed MGDians grooving to the peppy songs playing non 




  MGD GIRLS' SCHOOL, JAIPUR organised an Inter House Athletic Meet from 16th-18th November 2022. As many as 500 participants and 31 events were a part of the event.

-The Chief Guest for the opening ceremony was Maj Gen KVS Lalotra AVSM, YSM, SM (Retd). In the end prizes were distributed by the Chief Guest and the vote of thanks was presented by the games and sports captain of the school, Swati Singh.

Over All House Positions :- 

1st Helen Keller House 

2nd Sarojini Naidu House 

3rd Madame Curie House 

4th Florence Nightingale House

Aparna Khurana nee Sengar

Batch of 1977



The training of music at home and in School ( of course MGD ) , poems by world class writers in text books of Hindi and English laid the initial beginning of my interest in Poetry. As a traditional custom in our wedding ceremonies at home we had to write Dohas (four to eight lines in rhyme) on “Teehals” (sets of clothes) which were given as gifts. As a daughter, naturally I had to do that. The functions in School and later in College, so full of music, dance and drama further inspired me to enjoy rhyme and rhythm and foot tapping beats. During my Service career in Rajasthan I further had more than ample opportunity to savour songs, lyrics, poetry and dances, not only of Rajasthan but of other States/UT’s and even other countries.

Somehow this combination of music, dance and poetry motivated me to compose poems, albeit short ones , so as to keep my task within manageable parameters. It began with giving gifts of a set of poems to our boys Rajat and Rakshat in 1991/1992 when they were fourteen and twelve respectively. After a break for sometime, this gift system was fortunately revived. Thus writing poems in English became both a compulsion and a joy. The number of poems is fixed at their age plus one.

I also started writing in Hindi with a few words of Marwari, Urdu and Punjabi thrown in. Some of the poems in Hindi are in the form of lyrics or as they say set in Tarannum.

Mrs. Sheila Gujral, wife of late Prime Minister Shri I. K. Gujral greatly encouraged me to keep on writing and to go into publication. I was introduced to Shri Krishna Srinivas who regularly published my poems in his well known journal Poetry World. This was a great achievement for me because the journal inevitably included poems by A.B. Vajpayee, Abdul Kalam and other top writers.

Writing poems is like sharing your inner self with the world. It is a risk for you may get criticized but at the same time a great joy, as you are able to express and communicate. I enjoy writing on topics like nature, flowers, trees and birds, the changing seasons, experiences of travel, special events and of course views on current affairs, life and living and even administrative issues. It is indeed a creative exercise which I imagine also gives immense satisfaction to all those who read and write poetry.

In this context let me share one recent poetic endeavor.

A Poem

A Poem

is an expression

of thoughts, ideas

plans, hopes and dreams

They come fast

but go quickly as well

so recorded in a few lines

they remain much longer

touching aspects

of beauty and creativity

and filling hearts and minds

with joy and wonder

A poem

so easy to read

and not so difficult to write

in due course becomes

a pleasure and a treasure

Meenakshi Hooja nee Mathur

1968 batch

Composed on 16th November 2022, Wednesday




I remember entering MGD in July 1953. I was six years old and was awed by the huge school specially the Assembly hall with beautiful, sparkling chandeliers. It was raining and I felt shy so I hid behind my mother who was already teaching in the same school. Miss Lutter then called us to her bunglow where we had tea and snacks.

No one who has been taught by Miss Cherian can forget her. She made us so perfect in addition that we were very soon calculating without any aids like counting the small sticks we were given to add & subtract; or our fingers. She was a very strict teacher. She was also my hostel warden or house mistress as was the parlance those days.

I learnt a lot as the days went by. Firstly I learnt to speak & understand the English language. I felt it was a great achievement because when I entered the school I didn’t know either Hindi or English. I had come from a Bangla background. Soon I was doing very well in my English tests. We learnt a lot of games and swimming which I loved.

Dining together was a ritual. We couldn’t enter the dining room for dinner in our sports kit for dinner. I still remember the prayer we sang before sitting down for our meals. The house mistress and another teacher sat on either sides of the long table keeping watch on

Our table manners.

I still remember most of the teachers who taught me. Miss Benjamin was our class teacher in the 5th standard. She also taught us health science and maths. She was a stickler for neatness and tidiness. She became our House mistress too & checked our cupboards regularly.

I could go on and on about the lively learning time we spent in MGD. It’s the very foundation of my life and my future career. Miss Lutter and Miss Emma became the bed rock of my life and so did the education given by my teachers I shall always be beholden to them who have played such an important part in my life.

Ranjana Jaitly nee Mukherji.

Batch of 1961.


Oh Those School Girl Days….

Really what carefree days those were - even though there was strict discipline to be maintained. Though being in the hostel, we still managed to have loads of fun. My personal favourites were Friday nights and Sundays.

Fridays, because we were shown some of the best hindi movies after dinner , in the open area, outside Miss Lutter's office. I remember seeing Haqeeqat, Dosti, Hum Dono and Saat Hindustani. Those were the days of no mobile phones, or even TV, so it was magic, sitting in the open, under the stars, watching transfixed our favourite stars like Dev Anand and Dharamendra on the screen ! Absolutely unforgettable !

Sundays was our day of rest- no early morning PT, so we could sleep late. I still remember Miss Emma's Sunday  breakfast of spanish omelettes, stuffed with potatoes along with sauted liver ! What a treat ! 

We would wash our hair and loll in the sun. I would go to the Rose garden,with a book, rest against a tree, read and watch squirrels frolic. In fact,  I remember how we tried to keep one as a pet. Poor thing was kept in a bag, hanging over the bed and fed scraps stolen from the dining room ! Thank God I dont remember how long it survived on all this. And of course Sundays meant the tuck shop ! With the princely sum of Rs.10/- as pocket money, for the whole month, for seniors, we were ofcourse stone broke, within two Ssundays. All of us ran up an account with the dear old Mr. Chelaram ,of which I wonder how many paid up. I will go to my grave, with the guilt of still owing him some hundred rupees or so! My favourite was ice cream with coke, which today is famously called an 'ice cream float'. I think we invented it ! We also invented the now famous Dalgona coffee - how much of it we consumed, is unbelievable! It was our midnight feast- but it never managed to keep us awake.

Of course with all the fun we still managed to study and imbibe the unique culture and traditions of MGD- a wonderful blend of Indian and western. We  learnt to wear a saree in class 10, be respectful to our elders, and  keep our surroundings spotlessly clean. I will never forget Miss Lutter, bending down to pick up a piece of paper someone had thrown in the corridor and throwing it in the dustbin.

Those were the days, the memories of which still keep us young, fifty years later ! Miss you MGD!

Nandini  Sahai nee Thapan

Batch of 1972


I have very fond memories of our school. Going down the memory lane, first person I think of and remember very fondly is our principal Miss Lutter. She was a fine person and took great interest in each of us. After leaving school I happened to meet her after a few years when I came to Jaipur to settle down here. Miss Lutter recognised me immediately and took me on the board of governors of MGD.

I remember the small excursions and picnics, we were taken to from school. Specially the bus journeys together were great fun . We used to sing songs, play "antakshari", and shared all the food we  carried from home. The Teacher's Day used to be also enjoyable when the senior girls impersonated our beloved teachers.

I used to get the opportunity to be in the singing group for school functions .The whole experience was very enjoyable specially with Miss Brijpal now Mrs Aneja, making the girls dance so beautifully to her tunes. My greatest joy was when my daughter joined MGD.

Rajshri Sarawgi nee Barjyatya

Batch of 1961


The Cultural Heritage of MGD- "Jijas'

Ra ! Ra! MGD. It matters where you grow up.

It was the unforgettable year of 1975 when I got admitted to the school. I already had my cousins studying there and one can only imagine the joy of a five-year-old when she spots one of them in the corridor or on her way to the assembly. I would just beam with an admirable smile.

The journey with my school began and how over a tenure of twelve years, the written and unwritten rules of MGD shaped my belief, perception, relationships, and attitude to be the wholesome human being I am today. Words are not enough to thank thee! MGD has taught us, to have a magnanimous spirit to put in the best even in the smallest of endeavors undertaken. It has guided us in its physical and emotional safety net to embrace and celebrate learning, fulfillment, and well-being.

We were lucky to have teachers with high professional standards. I remember vividly, in Introductory which is grade one,Ms Cherian would be so particular about book covers and the wooden pencil box. At that time we were so terrified of her but today I thank her for it. It paved a path for orderliness in our primitive years.

My favorite memory is of the school fete in 1976. I was in Transition, grade two. Those days we used to have our school fete opposite the Principal's office. The fete was in its full swing, everyone was having a great time, mostly dancing with gay abandon. I got lost in the loud music and got away from my peer group. I looked everywhere and just could not find my friends. Then, my attention was caught by a few seniors dancing in salwar-kameez, with their dupattas bouncing with the rhythm of the song.I started to sway with their moves. One of the jija's noticed me and pulled me into their group. In seconds I was in the centre , with all of them clapping for me in appreciation. It instantly created a warm bond. I never hesitated to approach my seniors and kind of took pride in calling them jijas. Till date, it continues.

Ranjana Tewari nee Purohit

Batch 1987


New Education Policy 

Our unique old Gurukul Pedagogy wrapped in Modern Paper is our New Nep. What was Gurukul education , where children came and learnt Languages , way of living life, skill base education, peer learning, respect and gratitude for what has been bestowed upon and this is exactly what Nep says.

Bridging Modern Educational Learning  with Advanced Ancient Vedic wisdom. When we elaborate this we first ENGAGE the child and let the child's thinking from Abstract to Concrete that is from lot to hot to clarify mind. Next We let the child Navigate this is deriving learning outcomes from book experiences to real life experiences. so Nep talks about linking real life with book knowledge to establish the facts.

Thirdly we generate learning outcomes which are visible, shareable and modifiable. Next it talks about to apply knowledge to create a portfolio for every child according to 21st century skills.

Next it talks about assessing the child and last but not the least to plan a improvement plan for the child.  this is how New Nep focuses on HOW TO LEARN RATHER THAN WHAT TO LEARN, for example if we wish to teach adjectives to a child we create a mystery story and try to relate book knowledge via real time knowledge by adding suitable adjectives to every character. Another example can be if we wish to teach critical thinking skills to a child we try to ask alternative endings to any story so that the child thinks and comes up with unique ideas with peers, this enables peer learning and we engage the child fruitfully too. Thus  learning like this  helps to understand the important skills connected to critical and creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration and communication skills to develop 21st century individuals. Overall it makes education INTERACTIVE AND REALSTIC.

Ankur himmatramka nee Jaipuria

Batch of 1992


Ghazal Qadri , Batch of 2013



Malashri Lal nee Mukherji batch of 1964.

Prof. Malashri Lal, received the

HH Rajmata Gayatri Devi Award for Women’s Excellence on 22 October 2022 at the Sawai Jaipur Awards ceremony at the City Palace. Author, academic and social worker in Rajasthan and Delhi, Malashri Lal has sixteen books to her credit and is known for leading women’s empowerment activities for four decades. Her academic career has been at the University of Delhi from where she retired as Professor, Department of English, and Dean of Colleges. She continues her volunteer work with the Guild of Service as Convener for Rajasthan, and Secretary General of  SANWED.


Proud of Chaitali Panmei batch of 1984 Congratulations !

She was working in Mumbai as Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Central). Now on promotion as Principal Chief Commissioner posted in Bangalore, in charge of Karnataka & Goa.


Ms Namita Kachhawah Gir from the batch of ‘68 received the `Woman Acharya of the Year’ award for her exceptional work and outstanding contribution in the sector of education at Asia’s biggest Women Dominance Conference, Fest & Awards, featuring the Icons of Asia & Woman. Leaders Forum on December 20th, 2022 at Radisson Blu, New Delhi.

She has 47 years of teaching experience and now has her own school in Shyam Nagar - ‘I Excel High School’ which was earlier known as Pre School.


Congratulations to Mr Bhaskar Chatterjee (husband of late Nisha Chatterjee batch of 1972)

On the birth of grandson Bhrigu on 17th May 2022.


Congratulations to Rajnigandha Shekhawat batch of 1992 on receiving Radiocity Rajasthan Radiance Award for Folk Music.


Congratulations to Dr. Sheenu Jhawar batch of 1990, Director of Apex Hospitals was awarded the “Rajasthan Radiance Award” for Excellence in the category of “Innovation in Telemedicine App” for the year 2022 by Radio City.

Congratulations to Seema Palaria Sharma batch of 1972 on becoming grandmother to a baby boy on 11th January 2023.


Meenu Mathur batch of 1972 on becoming a grandmother to a baby girl on 11th January 2023



Heartfelt Condolences  to 

Babita Moody, batch of 1983

Sharmilla Galundia, batch of 1985

Rashmi Killa, batch of 1991Agarwal sisters' on the passing away of their mother Smt Manjula Devi Agarwal on 23rd November 2022. May God give solace to the family . May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति ?


Heartfelt Condolences to Anita Surana batch of 1968. To Shubha Surana on the passing away of her father Shri Vimal Surana on 10th November 2022. May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heartfelt Condolences to Nirmala Surana Durlabhji batch of 1973 on the passing away of her brother Shri Vimal Surana and to Neha Surana Dhadda batch of 1999,

Nidhi Surana Kothary batch of 1999

on the passing away of their Kakasa on 10th November 2022. May God give solace to the family to bear this loss and may the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heartfelt Condolences to the family of  Ms Shyam Wali batch of 1951

who passed away on 16th Sept 2022. May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heart felt Condolences to Rajni Nagar Shankar batch of 1972 on the passing away of her husband Shri Charan Shankar on14th September 2022. May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss and may the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heartfelt condolences to Daughters Swapna Kulkarni Tyagi Batch of 1981 Sona Jain Tyagi Batch of 1983, Granddaughter Bhagyashree Jain Batch of 2019, Sister Aruna Kalia nee Sharma Batch of 1972 on the passing away of Dr Mrs Shanta Jain on 2nd September 2022.May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heartfelt condolences to the family of Suniti Shekhwat (daughter inlaw batch of 1980) on the passing away of Ms Chand Kumari Chittora, batch of 1950 on 30th August 2022 .May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति 


Heartfelt Condolences to the family of Durgesh Nandini (Bissau) batch of 1957, who passed away on 29th December 2022.May the departed soul attain sadgati. शान्ति



Chandralekha Mathur 

(Sahai, 1954) 

Chief Editor

Editors :

Meenakshi Hooja (Mathur, 1968)


Pranati Lunia (Golecha, 1972)

Aparna Khurana (1997)

Ankur Jaipuria (1992)


MGD Girls Guild, 

MGD Girls School,

Sawai Ram Singh Road, 

Jaipur 302001

Tel: 8905181885






MGD Guild Dance Fest 2022

It is said that soulful dancing is the poetry by feet . There are many shortcuts to ultimate happiness, and dancing is one of those  beautiful ways .

Honouring our school motto " Our utmost for the highest ",  and following the  tradition , the  much - awaited yearly dance extravaganza " MGD  Guild  Dance Fest " was held on 15 th September, 2022.

Hundreds of lovely girls clad in colourful ethnic dresses performed mesmerising dances on foot tapping music and songs , creating thousands of rainbows on the ground.

A spectacular dance competition was held between 9 th , 10 th , 11 th and 12 th std . 12 th std(2022) was declared as the fair winner by the judges  Archana Mankotia ( Principal), Maya Sharma and Meenakshi Rathore.

The programme ended with mouth -watering culinary feast and millions of take home memories.

Dr. Vinita Patni
1983 batch



Newsletter August 2022




MGD @ 80

August 12, 2022 we usher in the 80th year of the founding of our beloved alma mater. 

In these eight decades we have seen a path breaking idea transforming, evolving and flowering into a prestigious temple of learning. As the years rolled by we have witnessed the outcome of dedicated perseverance on a bedrock of fine traditions and abiding values. These fundamental guidelines have given MGD a distinctive ethos, unparalleled and unsurpassed!!

On this landmark occasion we bow in reverence to our founder, Late HH Rajmata Saheba Gayatri Devi ji,  our Board of Governors, our Principals, our dedicated Teachers, our Leaders, our Office Staff, our Support Staff, our Parents and all the generations of persons associated with the school. Today we rededicate ourselves towards transmitting this beautiful gift Bigger, Better and more Beautiful than it was transmitted to us… our sacred School Pledge that rings in our hearts always.

Guild Today  awakens to a new dawn after two and a half years of enforced hibernation. The ominous announcement on National Television on the 23rd March 2020 of a total Lockdown of the entire Nation swept us all into an unprecedented situation, a sledgehammer blow that knocked out all sanity and rational sense of the populace . It was bewildering and totally disorientating  as wave after wave hit the country, from metros to far flung villages, caught unprepared for the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and its lethal side effects. From the burning , smouldering ashes and tragedy the nation is rising phoenix like.  One of the many catastrophic fall out of the aftermath has been the loss of two whole years of school time for the young. The pressure of ON LINE” classes on children and their teachers has taken a heavy toll on growing children and robbed them of the joy of work and play with their peer groups. The uncertainty of date, format and results of entrance tests for professional courses have jeopardised many budding careers.

Let us rise above all these challenges and resolve to regroup, reconnect and revive our reunions.

Happy  Eightieth to MGD and all MGDians.

Chandralekha Mathur 

( nee  Sahai. Batch of 1954)


Rani Vidya Devi ji

The MGD Girls Guild pays their humble and affectionate tribute to the memory of Rani Vidya Devi Ji on her first “Punya tithi” on 20th August 2022.

We are privileged to welcome Maharaj Jai Singh Ji as the Chairperson of the MGD Girls School.





Investiture Ceremony   July 7, 2022

 M.G.D GirlsSchool, Jaipur organized the Investiture Ceremony for the newly appointed Student Council for 2022-23 on 7th July 2022.

In an orientation session for the newly appointed Student Council, the Principal reiterated the five qualities that made one a true leader: Honesty, Vision, Teamwork, Growth and learning, and Transformational leadership.



2. YOGA DAY  MGD Girlsschool, Jaipur celebrated International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2022. The programme was attended by His Highness Maharaj Jai Singh Ji, Members of the Board of Governors, Principal Mrs Archana S Mankotia, Administrative Officer Col SS Sangwan, Staff and students.


MGD GirlsSchool participated in the Jim Corbett-Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant- F.G. Pearce Memorial Young Ideators Conclave hosted by Birla Vidya Mandir, Nainital from 27th to 30th May 2022. 33 Schools from across the country participated in this online event.


Junior Editor-6, a pan India Newspaper Designing competition organized by Dainik Bhaskar in which over 25000 students from across India enthusiastically participated. The participants got a chance to create their own newspaper through a pre-designed broadsheet layout and were required to pen their ideas on different topics such as book reviews, editorials, national and international news, sports, comic strip, start-up idea, advertisements, dream careers and much more.

We are proud to share that Falguni Gupta of class 10 E secured the Second Position (in the Category of classes 9 and 10) and Riddhima Gupta of class 6 F bagged the Third Position (in the category of classes 5 and 6). Both students received Fastrack Smart Watches and Certificates of Achievement.

The Award ceremony was graced by Deepa Malik, Rio Paralympic Silver Medallist, Padmashri, Khel Ratna and Arjuna awardee.


The Indian Women Blog in collaboration with Maharani Gayatri Devi GirlsSchool, organized a ten-day Social Service Summer camp Back To School, from 18th to 27th May 2022, comprising various activities like public speaking, creative writing, environmental craft classes, science activities and sports classes at Triveni Nagar and MGD GirlsSchool.


1. Design Thinking Course Session 2


MGD is proud of our girls for their commendable achievements  -

 Aashita Singal ( class 10th ) has completed her first Mountaineer Trek to Everest Base Camp” 5364 Meters/ 17,600 feet on 10th May 2022. The journey to EBC started on 30th April 2022 and the trek started on 2nd May 2022 and she reached EBC on 10th May 2022.

AKSHITA TEJWANI ( class 10th D) secured  the First Position classwise and thus became the  National winner of AAROHAN 2022, BITS Pilani among 6000 students pan India going through two rounds of the event.

8. Virtual Exchange Program (MGDVEP)

‘City Through My Lens’


Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School has embarked on a yet another novel journey with its second Virtual Exchange Program (MGDVEP). The program is a manifestation of the Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia’s vision to help students develop themselves, thus contributing to society from an early age and promoting self-development through a life-changing experience. This program will not only broaden personal perspectives but also will let the students see the world, experience a new culture through an exploration of one’s City, its Architecture, Culture, Cuisine, Language and Tourism related USP.

A group of 30 students from MGD School are participating in this online exchange programme hosted by i-SMSC, SMJK SHING CHUNG, Malaysia under the guidance of the Cultural Coordinator Ms. Cherry Goyal, Senior Faculty Members, Ms. Dipti Mahajan and Ms. Sunita Rathore. Four schools, from Malaysia, Pakistan and India are a part of this programme, connecting via virtual platform, Google Meet. The objective of the project is to give an opportunity to students to communicate, exchange ideas and foster goodwill.

10. MGD Girls' School, Jaipur,  in association with Extramarks Counsellors ,conducted the 6 day One- on- One Counselling Sessions for students of class X  (2022-2023), from 25th- 30th April 2022. For the boarders, their parents were requested to join through the Zoom link.


11. Heartiest Congratulations to Yashasvi Katta for getting selected in India under 19 women's cricket camp.

Best wishes


3. Boarders Talent Hunt-

On the eve of April 24th, 2022, MGD Girls' School, Jaipur hosted a Talent Hunt event for the New  Boarders of grades I to X, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent in any discipline. As is customary at MGD, the Talent Hunt event welcomed new students into the MGD family. The students not only demonstrated their ability, but they also found inspiration to come forward and demonstrate their latent potential. Students demonstrated various skills such as dance, singing, impersonation, instrument playing, painting exhibitions, and so on. The audience had a great time watching the newcomers execute incredible feats. The evening concluded with the Principal, Mrs. Archana S. Mankotia, congratulating each student on their tremendous courage in participating and warmly welcoming the new entrants to the MGD boarding family


4. The Puneet Sagar Abhiyan,

It Was conducted successfully under the joint aegis of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School and NCC Cadets of Maharani College, Jaipur, on 25 April 2022.

The NCC cadets cleaned the area around Talkatora, performed a street play and encouraged the people present there to use paper, cloth or jute bags instead of plastic bags. They also requested the the people to plant a tree each in their home or in public places like parks and take care of those trees so that we could save our Earth from the impact of  Global Warming. They were guided in this endeavor by Lieutenant Deepika Chaudhary and Chief Officer Anjali Sharma.

5. MGD Girls' School, Jaipur , organised a Global University Fair on the 25th April 2022, in collaboration with ICAE, wherein  a few universities from India along with some  of the top  universities abroad visited  the school campus. Universities like

Ashoka university

O.P. Jindal Global university,

Plaksha university

Shivnadar university

Flame university, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, USA and many more countries came under one roof to meet 500 students of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ SchoolThe fair gave students a good insight and was very helpful.

8. FUCHSIA 2022 a five day  event was organised in the school.

11. Parent Orientation programme: 2022-23

The school organised an orientation programme for the parents of the new students in Prep Section in April, 2022. The parents were welcomed and taken through a brief history of the institution. The vision of the Founder and the expectations of the school from the new MGDians were shared with the parents. The Royal Reformer, a film on HH Rajmata Gayatri Devi Ji Saheba of Jaipur, was shown to the parents. The Orientation was conducted by Ms Priyamvada Rawat.

The Principal, Ms Archana S Mankotia, addressed the parents and pointed out the difference between syllabus and curriculum. She motivated the parents to join the school in its efforts for effective implementation of the curriculum.

The Prep Coordinator, Ms Puri welcomed the parents and shared the experiential learning approach in class transactions. She briefed them about new activities like no bag days, project based assignments etc.

12. *Fare thee well class XII

    Farewell to the most amazing and special class ever.


You have proved your mettle in numerous ways. You rose to the occasion always.

The Farewell for the Batch of 2022 was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 in the  Main building of the school which was beautifully decorated and lit up.

 Students of class 11 welcomed the Jijas of the Batch of 2022.  A series of dance performances showcasing the fun of school life were put up by the students of class 11.There were different categories of awards for class 12  including awards like the Mithali Raj of the Batch, the one with a Million-dollar smile and indeed Miss Farewell, Tech- Wiz, Picasso, Life of the Party and so on. The Batch of 2022  also gave dance performances followed by the cake cutting ceremony where the Principal Mrs. Archana S. Mankotia did the honours. The Student Council members along with the teachers were also present for the same.

The air was tinged with emotion and nostalgia as students took photographs around the majestic school building where they had spent their childhood and grown up into well groomed girls.


To commemorate the start of the 2022-23 academic year, a day excursion was organised for boarders that was both enjoyable and instructive. A total of 104 students and 5 staff members were present. The students left at 7:30 a.m. in luxury AC buses, with their first stop being Jaipur's iconic Amber Fort, followed by visits to City Palace and Jantar Mantar. They then enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at the well-known Masala Chownk, a one-stop shop for several delicacies. Following lunch, the students walked to another site, Albert Hall, where they marveled at the magnificent display.

As they drove passed Birla Mandir and WTP, the students were filled with awe for these iconic landmarks. Along with the travel organizers, there were three tour guides who assisted the students in understanding the history and significance of each location and monument they visited or passed. At 4:30 p.m., the students returned to their hostels with mementos and souvenirs.

A day well spent.....

16. Kaizen-Personality Development Module


I, Me and Myself

Date-8th April 2022

MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur, in continuation to its extraordinary feat under the vision of its Principal, Mrs Archana S Mankotia, initiated Personality Development and Confidence Building Sessions for its students in the boarding house across classes II to XII.

The first session under this series for the Academic year 2022-23 was conducted on 8th April 2022 for all students who’ve joined the boarding this year. This session was conducted by Ms Cherry Goyal, Cultural Coordinator of the school, ELT Expert and Teacher Trainer. The title of the session was “I, Me and Myself”. This session was really interactive, fruitful and efficacious and all the students went back more confident and high-spirited, thanking the Principal, School and Ms Cherry.

17. A career Awareness program was organized for XII class students by NIIT University on the 8th of April, 2022. Nearly 148 girls from Science, Commerce and Humanities participated in it. Information about the different scholarships offered by  N U was highlighted . It was an enriching session by Dr. Neha Tiwari.

19. Paradise- A Date With ART !!

An Art Show was put up by the students of the Prep Section of MGD Girls' School. This exhibition was titled," Paradise -  is not a place, it is a state of mind." Each work of art by the students proved this adage true by giving the visitors a glimpse of Paradise through their artwork.

 The Principal Mrs Archana S Mankotia inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of the Admin Officer , the coordinators , the teachers ,the artists , and parents.  The show was curated by the Prep Coordinator Ms Benu Puri.


Batch of 1997




News from MGD GirlsGuild.

Hi Girls,

Greetings from the Guild Executive Committee.

Covid has given us respite now. Hopefully the situation will remain like this !

Being optimistic the Guild Executive Committee has emerged from hibernation and made plans for the coming year.

This year the only Guild Annual activity will be The Dandiya Nite for senior students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th on 3rd Sept. 2022

Guild members who wish to join are welcome. For any queries contact the Guild office, Ms.Smita # +91 8905181885 during office hours  - 9 am to 1 oclock


We will be celebrating MGDs  80th (OAK) anniversary next year i.e.2023

  1. The mega reunion and of the following batches will take place on 16th& 17th Dec 2023
  2. 2020  -  Gold  -  1970  -  Ruby  -  1980  -  Silver  -  1995
  3. 2021  -  Gold  -  1971  -  Ruby  -  1981  -  Silver  -  1996
  4. 2022  -  Gold  -  1972  -  Ruby  -  1982  -  Silver  -  1997
  5. 2023  -  Gold  -  1973  -  Ruby  -  1983  -  Silver  -  1998

(The first 3 batches are covid casualty).

Following is the proposed plan for the event.

16th Saturday, Dec 2023  -  Venue -  School  - Post lunch  - Felicitation of the above batches, followed by Ghoomer by each batch and then dinner in the school.

17th Sunday, Dec 2023  - Morning  -  visit the school, go down memory lane with your friends  meet the Principal and the Teachers.

Afternoon  -  Polo and High Tea at Rambagh Polo Ground.

Evening  -  Social get together with spouse / escort - music, dance and dinner at Rambagh Palace.

There is a package deal for all the activities. Final details and cost will be intimated later.

The two days program is organized for all the Alumni.

The Guild Digital Directory  -  It will be great if all our Alumni are listed in the Directory,  by schools 80th anniversary.  (It is essential to be a Guild Member to be in the Directory) For any queries regarding the directory, contact person is

Ms. Sarandha (Batch 1983), Member Guild Executive Committee.

Cell # +91 9116048112 , Email :

School souvenirs will be on sale on Sunday the 17th.

Look forward to celebrating the 80th anniversary of our school together.

Wish you all the best.

Jane H.Singh (Batch 1955), President, MGD GirlsGuild



75 Years of MGD and Golden Jubilee of our 1968 batch

Our batch of 1968 was highly excited to take part in the December 2018 celebrations of 75 years of MGD, which also marked our Golden Jubilee. Thus we prepared actively for the programmes,  so caringly  scheduled by the School and MGD GirlsGuild.

Twenty eight of use from different places  including nine from abroad, got together  on Thursday  20th December 2018 itself .  Abanti , Nonika and Suman  came from Delhi, Pam, Ritu and Neelima Mehra from Mumbai, Madhuri and Krishna from Kolkata , Deepika from Lucknow,  Sunita Lal from Dehradun, Sudha from Udaipur, Mridula and Rupa from Pune. Bharati and Renuka from UK, Jyoti, Shahana, Sunita Chadha, Baljinder and Chitra  from the US, Neelima Sapru and Arti from  Canada.  All except us Jaipurites -  Anita, Aruna, Namita, Mickey, Purnima and Meenakshi,   checked in at Giri Sadan, a warm and cozy place run by Giri Jija of 1967 batch. All the efforts made for arrangements of travel, lodging showed on our cheerful faces as we came in by flights and road. The greetings were expectedly hyper as many of us were meeting after fifty years.

The evening was a special get-together of our batch at Shikar Bagh of Narayan  Niwas, especially taken care of by Namita Kachhawah, with drinks and dinner and all round smiles and chatter in the glittering environment. Inside and outside the building,  we had a relaxed time getting to know the latest updates about each other

The next day, 21st Friday  was a relaxed morning and some of us went to the Bazaar organised by the Guild  at Diggi Palace. For a very tasty, snacky lunch organised by Neelima Mehra,  we all got together at the Golf  club, laughed and joked and planned out our evening and next two days.

Then we walked over to the Polo  ground, met the other MGDians, teachers and watched the well played out Polo  match and enjoyed tea and snacks. More hectic activity and excitement lay ahead of us as we headed to DiggiPalace for the evening of Ghoomar Dances done by 7 groups to represent 7 decades. Well, watching our batch girls dance, it did not feel that they were 65 plus and their performance was a show stealer.

The next day 22nd December 2022  Saturday, began in a solemn  way with a gathering at the Quiet corner to pay our respects to Miss Lutter our founder Principal to whom we all owe so much. This was followed by the  Special Assembly programme  in which all of us , as the Golden Jubilee batch dressed in golden hue sarees, went on stage. We  were introduced by Abanti, our batch Vice  president of  School Council after an address by Neelima Sapru, our Head Girl.  Vote of thanks by Poornima Patni, Deputy Head Girl of our batch followed.  Compering was done by yours truly, Meenakshi Mathur. 

We presented a Souvenir book of our batch prepared with a lot of effort put in by Namita , Mickey , Anita , Purnima and,  and received momentos from Rani Vidya ji and Jane Jija. It was an ennobling moment.  We also gave  cheques of a total Rs 1.24 lacs for the School development which was a collection from each of the 28 of us making a donation. An  Annual running trophy for the Best all rounder of class X was gifted to our  dear Alma mater and small trophies with citation to  Miss Brijpal and Miss Nanda, our beloved teachers who were present on the occasion .

Thereafter followed the  lunch in the lawns with cake cutting and chatting and an evening of gala dance and dinner at Rambagh. As we were the Golden batch, we  decided to have our own dinner at Giri Sadan, which went late into the night with more  sharing of experiences.  

23 rd December 2022, Sunday was the day for goodbyes and farewells as we set out to catch our flights and take our taxis, packing our suitcases and hearts with the most fond and enjoyable memories.

We are grateful to the School and the Guild, especially Jane Jija for her energetic support and making this get-together truly memorable for us as we continue to meet on whatsapp, web meetings and whenever possible in small groups.

Three Cheers for MGD!!!

Meenakshi Mathur Hooja

1968 batch

Tele 94133795




SMORIES- Stories & memories shared after 3 decades, on the grounds that groomed me.

I took a walk down the memory lane of my life as I stepped on to the stage-

The same stage where I faced the audience first ever, decades ago

It felt so different:

The stride was steady

The butterflies at rest in the belly

The pulse beat at it's own pace

The mic held like the pencil then

With the comfort of the eraser in my pockets

It felt like home, and each one like family

Welcoming opens arms, to hold tight and tap my back

The words spilled from my heart and touched those around

The childhood hostel pranks

The craving for food

The yearning for love

The first crush

The tomboy transitioned into lady, with her own constants

Getting back to square one

Half a century down the life lane, feels like I just began the walk. Once again, child like I took a walk down the memory lane of my life.

Anupama Agarwal Bajaj

Batch of 1989

Reminiscing School days with a smile

2022 is the Golden Anniversary year for the girls who passed out of our Alma Mater in 1972. Yes, we are the Golden Girls.

Is it really 50 years?????? We have grown from giggling school girls to doting grandmothers, but the heart easily transforms into the heart of a school girl when we reflect on our school days with a smile.

Sam Bellow, the famous writer, has rightly said,” No school without spectacular eccentrics and crazy hearts is worth attending.” And we did enjoy every moment, each one of us with a particular eccentricity and craziness.

What we remember the most are the memories we created with everyone associated with the school, be it friends, teachers, and many others. So many memories, sweet, bitte  embarrassing. Yet the best are those that bring a smile to your face.

Mr. Rendall, our Physics teacher in ISC, soft-spoken & gentle, a retired professor from BITS Pilani, how difficult it must have been for him to teach a group of girls certainly not interested in the subject. We had managed to remove the R from his nameplate outside the Physics Lab and it read Mr endall (end-all). He coaxed and cajoled, treated us to tea/coffee and biscuits probably with the hope that it would draw us to the class, but that was not to be. Playing truant in his class we considered our birthright. Many of us left our exam copies completely blank. I can never forget his telling us with exasperation,“ Girls, sprinkle a few drops of ink on your copies but dont leave them blank.”Dear Sir, we may have forgotten Physics, but you will always be remembered with fondness. For those who might not know, his daughter is the wife of the famousVishwa Mohan Bhatt, the legendary Hindustani classical music instrumentalist who plays the Mohan Veena.

Which Science student does not remember the Chemistry teacher Ms. H. Gupta aka Mercury because of her initials Hg, the chemical symbol of the element? Another sweet and gentle teacher. Once a day scholar brought fresh cucumbers from her farm for the class. I remember the lab assistant, Mr. Ram Lal, saying, “ Kuchh Sodium Chloride (the chemical name for salt) laoon? A true Chemistry class with Hg and NaCl.

The memories will never end.

Kiran Bist

Batch of 1972

                               I count myself lucky

I count myself lucky and fortunate to have studied in the prestigious M.G.D ... a school steeped in tradition and good values.The Principal Miss Lutter's advise for women " to never be without a needle and thread", would hardly go down well perhaps with the present generation of girls , but has  served masny of us well.

School life was comfortable ,stable yet exciting with good friends and dedicated teachers.... my favourite being Ms Nanda and Ms Mehta. But my most memorable year (1977 to 1978) was when I came back toMGD to teach grade 4  (P2) . I even got to direct a play which won 1st prize !.

I went around showing off to everyone as to how I was so swiftly hired by Miss Lutter and was offered a monthly salary of Rs 500 /.

My mother ran a printing business so I got to wear a new cotton saree every second day except that the whole school stared at my chunky sandals, as I often walked to school from my home which was quite a distance away!

All in all I can say that this was an immensely satisfying time in my life till the wedding bells rang and I had to leave Jaipur. 50 years have gone by  since the batch of 1972 graduated.Time flies but MGD lives on and stands rock solid with wonderful traditions and adoring students

Kumkum Sen nee Singha (Batch of 1972)

'Shakti'- a short poem written to honor my Alma mater.

 M.G.D made us realize how to find our true self and follow our dreams. 'OUR UTMOST FOR THE HIGHEST 'Image

                                A Good tiding

In  the  newspapers

      in  the  whatsapp

      messages telephone

       or on emails

      invariably  there is

       a good tiding  

       that  makes  my day


Checking  in an encyclopedia

        dictionary , or  doing a

         simple  Google search ,

         also  brings  joy for

          information  and knowledge

          are   empowering

           as  they often say


Watching a song or scene

        on You tube or

        other websites brings out

         creativity and innovation ,

          and achievements of others

          not surprisingly  

           add to my own !

Meenakshi Hooja (Nee mathur1968 batch)



Saroj Kumari (Cookie) batch of 1958 and her husband Lt Gen DP Singh who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 8 th February 2022.

Their daughter Dipti kumari is from batch 1990 .

Sadia Moyeen batch of 86 who is blessed with a grand child on 9th February 2022

Sarandha Singh Batch of 1983 on becoming a grandmother on 11th February 2022

Surekha Mimani nee Kotari batch of 1986 on becoming a grandmother in January 2022. 

Sharmila  Galundia batch of 1986 on her daughter's marriage on 18th February 2022.

Sonakshi Mittal  batch of 2013 on her marriage to Priyansh Chordia  son of Supriya Poonglia Chordia batch of 1981 on 18th February 2022. 

Anupama Agarwal Bajaj batch of 1989 for her daughter Chaitali getting married to Keshav on 21st February 2022.

Shabnam Kumari batch of 1986 on the marriage of her daughter on 21st February 2022.

Panchami Manoo Ukil batch of 1983On receiving the FICCI flo Award in the field of Environment & Conservation from Hon'ble Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal ji at the 2nd Flo Odisha Women's Awards on 7th March 2022



Vandana Mehta batch of 1986 on the sad demise of her father Shri Mahendra Singh Mehta on 10th February 2022. May the departed soul attain sadgati

Heartfelt Condolences on  passing away of

Mrs Sumedha Durlabhji on 16th February 2022 to
Daughter- Manisha Bafna (1988)
Sister in law-
Nirmala Durlabhji  (1973)
Sister in law -
Asha Mehta (1959)
Sister in law- Anita Surana (1968)

May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss and may the soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt Condolences to Vidyut Sukhadia Sheth batch of 1990 on the demise of her father in law on 24th  February 2022. May God give strength to the family and may the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt Condolences to Sunita Bainsla batch of 1982 on the passing away of her fatherCol. Kirodi Singh Bainsla on 31st March 2022. May the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt Condolences to Sujata Behani Baheti batch of 1983 who lost her father Shri Jagdish Prasad Behani on 18th March 2022. May the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt condolences toPranati  (Golecha) Lunia batch of 1972 and family on the passing away of her son Kartikeya Lunia on 2nd May 2022.May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss and grant  sadgati to the departed soul .ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt Condolences to

Tara Datta batch of 1970

Kumkum Datta batch of 1972

Neena Datta batch of 1977

On the passing away of their mother

Mrs Nanni Datta on 14th May 2022.May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss.  May the departed soul attain sadgati.


Heartfelt condolences to

Alpana Yadav batch 1986

on the passing away of her husband

Shri Vikas yadav on  11th July 2022. May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss. May the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति

Heartfelt condolences to

Maji Saheba Gulab Kumari Rohet (Dundlod) on the sad demise of her son Thakur Ranvijai Singh Rohet on 18th June 2022. May God give strength to the family to bear this irreparable loss. May the departed soul attain sadgati. ॐशान्ति




Chandralekha Mathur (Sahai, 1954) Editor

Meenakshi Hooja (Mathur, 1968)

Pranati Lunia (Golecha, 1972)

Aparna Khurana (1997)


MGD Girls Guild,

MGD Girls School,

Sawai Ram Singh Road,

Jaipur 302001

Tel: 9116652651
M: 8905181885





Ruby reunion 2021 -- Batch of 1981 -- Sharmila Barua Roychowdhury

Sharmila Barua, Head Girl Batch of 1981, and Captain of the school hockey team, did her graduation in Law but spent the initial years of her adult life as an Air Force wife, married to a fighter pilot, and mother of a daughter. During this time she experimented with the social development sector. Her life took an unfortunate turn when, in 1997, she lost her husband in an aircraft accident.

Having received this blow from life she got down to the task of sorting out life for herself and her fast growing child. She established an IPR law firm and a Knowledge Process Out sourcing Company in Delhi.

She shifted gears once again and today she is busy holding multi faceted portfolios, including Independent Directorship of a Public Ltd Company, consulting director of a charitable trust engaged in health care and medical education, as also Trustee on several other trusts engaged in vocational training and skill development. Besides this she finds time for running her home in Goa.


Know Your Alumni - 1971 batch

Aparna BhargavaBorn in November 1956, I was the youngest member of MGD’s 1971 batch—and to everyone’s surprise, especially my own, the topper that year, not only at MGD but in the state of Rajasthan. This outcome gave me the confidence to pursue my passion for literature in college, leading to an MA in English at Delhi University (1977). In 1976 I married Vinay Dharwadker (1971 batch, St. Xavier’s, Jaipur), and after teaching for four years at Hindu College, left for the US in 1981 for a PhD in English. Having taught at various US universities since 1987, I am currently Professor of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with British, postcolonial, and modern Indian theatre as my main areas of specialization. I have two children—Aneesha, an architect based in Chicago, and Sachin, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles—and two adorable grandsons, Kabir and Kieran O’Shea, the loves of my life!


Know Your Alumni - 1980 Batch

Archana Singh
Archana Singh (Candy) joined MGD in 1968 in Introductory, and passed out in in 1980 (Sarojini Naidu - Orange House). Daughter of late Th. Bhim Singhji Mandawa. Youngest of four sisters (all ex-MGDians). Masters in English Literature (University of Rajasthan, 1984). Married to an Indian Army officer Brig. Karan Singh Rathore (17 Poona Horse, Armoured Corps). In the span of the last 30 years, have been involved in various welfare and organizational activities of the Indian Army alongwith running our farmhouse Sri Niwas Countryhouse as a BNB for international visitors. Have also worked with an events company as a Destination Wedding Planner and organizing theatre and plays in Jaipur. Currently overseeing the production of my daughter’s brand TOKREE based at Jaipur. Also pursuing my passion of revival of old leheriya and bandhani designs of yester years.


Reunion Speech - Batch of 94 -- Mradima Sinh

Mrs Mankotia, Jane Jija, Members of the guild, Col Sangwan, Teachers,
MGD’ians and our dear Jijas of the Golden and Ruby batches.

Jijas, I hope we can be as young at heart as you all when we come back for
our Golden and Ruby reunion.

It’s an extremely emotional moment to be back in school and  for us to see
our teachers who have taken out time to be here for this assembly. Thank you
so much, it means a lot to us. Your teaching, guidance and advice was
instrumental in making us the women we are today.

It makes our silver jubilee celebration even more special as it coincides with
the birth centenary of our dear founder Rajmata Saheba Gayatri Devi. We
were fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact very closely with her
during the school’s golden jubilee celebration in our final year.

MGD gave us great teachers and mentors. It also gave us a home, a place
where we were happy and comfortable, a place that did its best to point us in
the right direction on our journey to adulthood. The varied skills we learnt
here, through less-than-traditional means,  have held us in good stead
throughout our lives. Brushing, bathing, and looking somewhat presentable,
in the two minutes between waking up and the bell ringing, taught us to
multitask; finishing prep in one hour and still doing well in our exams, taught
us time management; the delicate task of negotiating between seniors and
friends was a lesson in diplomacy and handling cheeky juniors, was where
most of our corporate bosses, got their first training in delegating work!

Just being here, brings back so many memories.. the crazy times we had, the
fun, the laughter, tears.. the more than occasional fights and making up. This
is a time for us to  relive old memories, revive old friendships and
acknowledge afresh, how MGD lives on in each of us as we go on about our
lives. This reunion has been a wonderful opportunity for us to reconnect with
the girls who have shaped our world and held  a special place in our hearts
,despite the distance of 25 years and many, many miles.

To mark this homecoming, we’d like to present a little something, as a sign
of our gratitude. We have contributed 5 lacs towards construction of
washrooms for the girls. We hope to continue being involved in the welfare
of the school, that we have received so much from.

I say it with great pride that my batchmates have been successful in a wide
range of careers from being in the corporate field in finance, HR, IT, media ..
to artists, designers, entrepreneurs; from published authors to making their
mark at the UN and world bank; from successful homemakers to teachers,
doctors, CA, lawyers .. they are bringing glory to the MGD name, in their
own unique way.


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